Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine?

Want to Bet?
After a magical Christmas with our little ones, we came out fighting in January. Cleaning closets, painting hallways, crossing overdue jobs off the list, and even managed a little bit of running. We have well and truly been beaten by January, which is now hanging over into February. The start of 2013 will be remembered as the winter of the cold. For the snow keeps snowing in Boston and with it the runny noses and sore throats that just won't go away. And in England, with not a frost in sight to kill said germs, we just keeping passing them from child, to parent to child.  

Here are some of the things we have tried to combat these energy suckers and prevent the spread of more germs:
1)  Vitamin C, Zinc and Multivitamins - I use you guys everyday and you let me down - I want my money back!
2)  Sleep - stop laughing, I know Sona has a 1 year old, but sometimes you just have to try to get more of it.
3)  2 Litres of water a day - to be fair, I fail miserably at this one, but Sona drinks about as much water as I do coffee and she is still ill.
4)  Anti Bacterial hand gel - I'm even putting it on Batman and Barbie I'm so paranoid.
5)  Obsessive Hand Washing - my nail polish looks terrible, but I'm thinking it's my only chance to get better.

So far, these are all to no avail. So instead, we laugh. We laugh because it's only a cold and we are pretty good at putting things in perspective. We laugh at how much harder it is to catch up on life when you don't feel quite yourself. We laugh, because when it rains it pours. We laugh, because we take comfort in the fact that we don't need to explain it to each other, we just know what the other one is going through. We hope that our followers are laughing, because you've been there too.

Seriously though, if you do have any miraculous germ busting immune boosting secrets to share with us, we would be forever in your debt!

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