Monday, January 27, 2014

Love bug valentine & free printable

Valentine's day is coming up just two weeks from tomorrow and believe it or not, I am actually ready with something on time this year so I thought I'd share it in time for you to use it too!

My big girls helped pick out the design and the bugs, already deciding which bug each friend will like best. I love that both my preschooler and my kindergarten are equally excited about the same design and that it is candy-free!

Here's what you need:
• free love bug Valentine printable
• 1 package (or more) of plastic bugs (Dollar Store or Party Store)
• paper cutter (scissors could work too)
• baker's twine (about 6 inches per card worked well for me)
• scissors 
• small hole punch (could use small point of scissors or large pin)
• pencil

1. Print your cards using this free download preferably on a heavy card stock - the cards are 4.1x5.25 so you should get four per standard 8.5x11 paper if you print full bleed with no margins

2. Trim your cards with paper cutter or scissors

3. Have your little one sign their name (before adding the bugs)

4. Mark where you want to punch punch holes depending on the size of your bugs

5. Punch or poke holes

6. Thread the baker's twine through the hole, around the bug, and back through the other hole tying in the back and trimming any excess

7. Spread the LOVE

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