Monday, April 29, 2013

Mermaid party - part 1

Our big girl is turning 5 in a few short weeks and she has requested a "mermaid party" for the big celebration. We designed this mermaid party invitation together over the weekend: 

Now let's just hope that we can use this for inspiration for the actual party over the next two weeks!  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate earth day with love

Last Monday, I was ready to blog about getting back into running. I had picked up a new pair of running shoes at Marathon Sports in Boston the week before and I was inspired watching the winners of the 2013 Boston Marathon. I told my four-year old daughter about when I ran that very marathon. She asked me when I had run it and we laughed together when I responded "eight years ago." Then we went outside to play on that beautiful day and lost track of time. Oh well, the blog would have to wait until the evening. Then I got a call and everything changed. 

I haven't felt much like celebrating over the past week. The explosions at the Boston Marathon and the events of the week that followed have left me with a heavy heart. I am trying to move beyond this sadness and to choose love, as a wise friend wrote in her beautiful facebook status last week. Love instead of sadness. Love instead of fear. Love instead of hate. 

Today, on Earth Day, I choose love. I choose to take a deep breath of the crisp spring air. I choose to watch the sunrise. I choose to play outside with my beautiful children. I choose to go for a walk and enjoy this New England town where I make my home. And I choose to lace up my new sneakers and remember why I love to run. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

A very british easter

It's taken 5 years of having children in England to finally realize that my kids are having a different upbringing than I had. How did I discover this? I sent Sona a picture from our friends annual Easter party and her response was "I would blog about that, but I have no idea what you are talking about". So there it is. My kids are British. They have brown eggs, so they don't do the dyeing eggs like we did as kids, but there are some super fun things that I have enjoyed every year, probably because it involves my favourite past time - competition.

The week before Easter, at school they have an assembly which, would you believe, they actually are allowed to mention Jesus. They also then have an "Easter Bonnet" competition where the kids do a little parade in the hats they made and the teachers pick a winner. Then, they have an egg roll competition, which is exactly how it sounds.  The kids all line up and try to roll their boiled egg into the center of a target on the ground.

My friends Andy and Claire have an annual party which is hard to tell who enjoys it more, the kids or the grown ups, but I have put some highlights from this years event:
Egg Hunt
Competition Entry Table - Wayne's was the Gruffalo scene top right corner
For some reason, the judges thought a child should win instead!?

Dad's Egg and Spoon Race

Grandma's and Auntie's race

Mum's race - who said I'm competitive?

Happy Kids and a Happy Easter!
Do any of you have any fun traditions like the Brits? A big thank you to Andy and Claire for letting us share this Love and Life moment. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Here comes peter cottontail

Happy Easter! Happy April! 

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with friends and family and ate lots and lots of chocolate!