Monday, February 10, 2014

Be my valentine date cards (last minute gift)

We usually keep Valentine's Day pretty low-key around here. Not to say we don't celebrate it. We do, but even before we had children, we would do simple things like order take out and get a nice bottle of wine and a fancy dessert. Well, this year is no different. I'm planning to try out a new recipe and have dinner together after we put the kids to bed. No reservations, no babysitters, no fuss. 

The past few weeks have been crazy around here with work, travel, sickness, and family. The past year has been crazy for that matter—lots of great things, but crazy busy all the same. And all this craziness reminds me to take time out for things that are most important. I do an OK job at this most of the time for my kids, but I think my husband and I tend to come last in the long list of "to dos." So this year for a Valentine's Day gift to him and really to us both, I'm going to give him a monthly coupon for a specific date of something to do together. This isn't always going to be something extravagant, anything goes! 

Below are examples of dates I have come up with so far.

• Try a new recipe and make dinner together
• An afternoon at some of our favorite breweries
• Choose a home improvement project and spend the day completing it together
• A night away for our wedding anniversary
• Lunch date and an afternoon of wine tasting in the Finger Lakes
• Movie night in - your choice!
• Comedy club
• Dinner at Emmett's Pub (where it all began)

And of course here is the free printable for you!
Click here for the January - June free printable tags
Click here for the July - December free printable tags


I'm planning to print these on a heavy card stock and to write the dates for each month with a chalk pen like this one. When they are all cut out, I will use a mini hole punch in the corner of each card and string all twelve cards together with Baker's twine. 

Happy date planning!  

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