Monday, June 3, 2013

Summah time

We are having a heat wave here in Boston. With this heat wave, it officially feels like summah time! I have pledged to take my 3 children to the beach A LOT this summer. In fact, I have used the term *every day* to anyone who will listen on multiple occasions. Now that the summer is here, I am starting to get a little worried about how I will actually accomplish said every day beach going. I'm going to have to get organized to be able to get all 3 to the beach solo even once. We were lucky to spend this past 95 degree Saturday as a family on a beautiful North Shore beach. It was great, but how am I going to do that on my own? I was picturing a napping 6 month old and 2 little girls building sand castles next to us. Now I'm thinking a possibly sleeping baby, an almost 3-year old playing in the sand and running down the beach while my 5-year old is going deeper and deeper into the ocean. So I need some help! Do I need the beach caddy or is less better? Do I go for an umbrella or a tent? Come on you beach going veterans out there... what are the beach necessities and what can I do without? 


  1. Less is better! The two oldest carry a backpack with their towels and the toys THEY pack (so if there is something they don't have, they WILL remember it next time!). Light easy snacks, PB&J, water bottles (so you don't even need an ice pack). Then you have room to carry the baby and her stuff. That alone is a feat. Once you get down to the beach......well keeping the kids reigned in is the hardest part. Good luck!
    Can't wait to spend a day on the beach with you girls!

  2. Thanks, D! Looking forward to spending a day at the beach you you and your crew too! :)