Monday, May 20, 2013

Three in a room?

As our youngest is getting ready to graduate from her bassinet in our room to her own space, I have been giving a lot of thought to all three girls sharing a room. Maybe not right away, but possibly in a few years. What about a bunk bed and loft layout like the one above? I love the modern white room and great use of space under the lofted bed. Unfortunately, I can't find the source of this photo.

The three little beds in a row are about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. These beds belong the three youngest daughters of Kayce Hughes from Pears and Bears. Her home was featured above in Country Living in April 2010. 

This cozy layout shown in Pottery Barn Kids might work for a lake house, but I'm not sure about the every day. 

And this amazing bunk was built by Casa Kids for four sisters to share a room and featured on apartment therapy. 

I've found a lot of really cute ideas for shared spaces including room designs and layouts, but I'm not sure if the shared room for three would be as good in reality as it is in theory. It may work well when the girls are little, but would three in a room encourage harmonious living as they grow? 

What do you think of more than two beds in a room? Completely crazy or genius? Does anyone have experience with kids sharing a room? Especially more than two children? 

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