Monday, February 25, 2013

The great stroller debate

After refusing to buy a double stroller for over two years, I am finally going for it! With three babies and dreaming of Spring walks, I decided it will be so very worth it!  I've looked online and in stores at pretty much every double stroller they make. 

We have the Bob Revolution SE single stroller that we purchased just before our first daughter was born. We have loved that stroller and still use it frequently. How you ask? Generally I wear the baby, our oldest daughter walks or rides her bike and our two-year-old rides in the stroller. But it is almost a given that our oldest daughter will get tired and want to ride half way through any trip. It would also be nice to be able to put the baby in the stroller, especially as she gets bigger and we head into warmer days ahead. 

I have narrowed the search down to these two very different strollers. The Bob Revolution SE Duallie and the UppaBaby Vista with Rumble Seat and Piggy Back. 

The Bob Revolution SE Duallie

What I like about the Bob Duallie:
• SOOO easy to push - seriously, I could push this thing with my pinky. This with the two big girls riding, while drinking a coffee and wearing the baby. Probably a no-no, but you get the picture. 
• Front wheel locks to run or take it on trails (not sure how much I will actually do these things, but nice to have the option).
• Familiarity - since I already have been using the Bob Revolution single for the past four plus years, I know pretty much how it works.
• Easy to fold - even though this thing is a fairly large, wide ride, it is easy to fold and pop in the back of the car if needed.

The UppaBaby Vista

What I like about the UppaBaby Vista:
• The picture says it all - look at all of the possible configurations of this thing!
• This is an inline stroller so it is smaller and fits through the same spaces as a single stroller. (I could potentially take the kids into the city on the train without having to fold up the stroller.)
• Piggy Back board gives the possibility of a stand that easily folds up or comes off for my almost 5-year-old.
• Both the rumble seat and the piggy back can be removed completely if I want to go out with just the baby when the older two kids are at school in the fall.

Does anyone have and love either one of these strollers? Or is there another you would highly recommend? Would love to hear from you!

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