Friday, February 8, 2013


I am sitting here on this stormy night finally writing the blog post that I had planned to write on Monday. We wanted to follow up on the Calling All Runners post from two [and a half] weeks ago. But the thing is... we didn't hear from you and I'm not feeling particularly motivated to run in this cold and wintry weather. 

Oh, and I have a one month old baby. So I'm using that as my excuse for doing almost nothing for the last 4 and a half weeks. Though she just weighed in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces and is 22 inches long so I suppose that is an accomplishment. :) Here is a photo of my chunky little lady.

Right... so back to running. I do think I will get back into running at some point this year. I have aspirations of running a half marathon sometime this fall, but right now I'm starting small with a goal of being ready to run the Fast Chicks 5K the first weekend in May. Registration for the race opened earlier this week so I think it is a perfect goal. 

I am serious about the half marathon in the fall so please do share if you have used any great training plans. I used this ten week, three day half marathon training program from Runner's World a few years back and really liked it. Committing to more than three days a week of training sounds intimidating to this busy mom.

We would also love to hear if you have run any races that you would recommend. Any race suggestions are welcome, but we would especially love to hear about half marathons from September through November.

We hope you are all staying warm and dry on this stormy night. I can't start training now until we dig out from all this now! 

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