Monday, March 4, 2013

Is it ever too late to say thank you?

Over the past 8 weeks our family has been blessed with visits and gifts from wonderful friends and family. Baby clothes, meals, rides to school for our oldest, and the list goes on. I do try to send out thank you notes right away, but as you know... this baby number 3 is keeping us on our toes and I may have let a few thank yous slip. Thus the question, is it ever too late to send a thank you note? If so when? I do wish a few of these had gone out 3 or 4 or even (yikes) more weeks ago, but maybe I'm still in an acceptable window for thanking? I checked with Emily Post, but she doesn't list a category for "new baby gift thank you timing" that I could find. I'm going to go with the philosophy that it is never too late to send a thank you. Besides, now I have those adorable chevron thank you stationery to show off! 

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