Monday, March 11, 2013

Life with miss v - 2 months!

What a difference a few weeks and a little sunshine make. Miss V is growing like crazy - check out those cheeks. Spring forward time has come and though I don't love the time change with little ones, I am enjoying the sun still shining at 6:00 pm.

Miss V is 2 months and we are currently loving:

Her hair - obsessed with the long crazy spiky hair she is rocking.

Her botton lip - the pout when she is unhappy is so sad and so incredibly adorable.

Her "talking" - catch her in the right mood and she'll coo and chat up a storm.

Her smiles - 

And did I mention the HAIR? March 20th is just around the corner and with spring in the air, I am feeling motivated to organize and maybe even exercise. And hey... maybe, just maybe, next week's blog might be about something other than my crazy family. 

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