Monday, February 20, 2012

Turning a negative into a positive

Those of you who have been supporting us with orders or just following our blog will know we are quite a small team here at Love and Life Cards and usually spend our blogging time sharing our card updates, having a general laugh over parenting life, or sharing fun tips and ideas we gather together. That's why this feels a rather odd blog entry for us this week. We have had a tiny development with our site and wanted to share it with our friends and maybe ask for a bit of help. Please note, the names in {} have been changed in order to keep this a clean blog. 

Earlier this week...
Sona:  I've been meaning to ask you, who's the {Donkey} that's been giving us bad ratings on our cards?
Elizabeth:  What bad ratings? You can see that kind of thing on our website?
Sona:  Yeah, looks like someone has gone through each of our cards and given it a 1 out of 5 star rating.
Elizabeth:  No, that can't be, there must be some other explanation.  I'll check with the IT guy.
IT Guy:  Yep, some {Donkey} has been going through and giving you guys a 1 out of 5 star rating on each of your cards.
Elizabeth:  Can we see who it is?
IT Guy:  Let me trace their IP address....yep it's {a REALLY large personalized stationery company}!
Elizabeth:  Sona!  You are not going to believe this - {a REALLY large personalized stationery company} is going through each of our cards and giving us a bad rating?  Is that illegal?
Sona:  Are you kidding me?  {a Really large personalized stationery company} knows who we are?  It's probably not illegal, but definitely unethical. It must mean we are doing a good job if we are on their radar!
Elizabeth:  I guess I should call our lawyer.
Lawyer:  No, it's not illegal, technically they could feel that way.  Holy Cow! {a REALLY large personalized stationery company} knows who you are?  You must be doing something right!

I guess it just illustrates the kind of people we are...
we laugh at ourselves, A LOT
we think lack of sleep is a privilege of parenting
we think friends and family are the most important things in the world even when they drive you to distraction
and we think that another company giving us some bad ratings is a bit of a compliment.

What do you think about giving false negative reviews to business competitors? Unethical or just part of the business? 

And please, if you do see a design you like, we'd appreciate some genuine stars.


  1. You two rock! Love the post.

  2. Major {donkeys}. Love you guys...just went and rated all of the designs I have used and loved.

    5 stars from me!