Monday, February 13, 2012

Listen Up Boys

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we all know that you have not organized anything yet so here are some inside tips on what to get your better half.  We have researched various surveys but feel we would focus on our demographic, moms with kids under 4.  Some top gift ideas are:

An hour of alone time - how romantic!
That's alone time just for her, not together.  Time and time again, gifts ideas from moms with young kids won't cost you anything.  Moms sound nearly desperate for some time to go for a run or take a yoga class, have a hot uninterupted bath with a glass of wine, or even to actually get through one whole magazine with a hot cup of coffee.

Spa day - sounds like a heaven!
You can get some great deals on Coupon sites, and if you are really clever you can get one of your friends to do the same for their wives so the girls can have a day out together. 

Cook a meal - no TV trays allowed though!
Go on boys, give us the night off from the kitchen, set the table and actually have a proper conversation over your culinery masterpiece.

Write a letter - or an email if you must!
If any moms are like me, tired and too busy to really look after themselves than maybe this is the gift for you.  Remind her why you love her, even after the wrinkles, gray hair and post baby weight!

Unfortunately, there is bad news for those with over 4's, apparently at that point, we want to bring back the romance so be prepared to book the babysitter, the restaurant and take us out!

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  1. Great Vday ideas! If my husband is reading, I'll take the spa day please!