Monday, February 6, 2012

Mini monet valentine

Lucie told me she wanted to make her own Valentines this year for her whole class like we did last year. Now, last year there were a total of 6 children in her class which meant a total of 5 Valentines to make. The Valentines were cute little puppy dog cards and fun to make together, but each card probably took us 20 minutes to put together and that was after I had already pre-cut most of the paper! This year the class is 12 children, plus 3 teachers, plus a few other friends. And we are traveling this coming weekend so I had to break the news to my girl that I just don't think we will have time to make all of her Valentines this year. But then I had a brilliant idea... why not Mini Monet a Valentine? Luckily, Lucie loved the idea of painting a picture to use for all of her Valentines. She decided on making a heart with watercolor as a medium and quickly got to work.  

Below are our two favorites from Lucie's paintings:

We used the more colorful of the two hearts on the front of the card with the "Happy Valentine's Day" message. Then we used the little blue heart and signature from the other painting on the back of the card and voila!


Lucie loves how they turned out. I love that the cards are fun and original AND that I won't have to be up until midnight next Monday night with a glitter and a glue stick! 

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