Monday, August 1, 2011

What is your design style?

All this card designing has got us thinking about stationery and personal style.  I started searching and found all kinds of quizzes that tell you your design style.  I have to say, I think your home design style and your stationery style are related.  Maybe not siblings, but definitely first cousins!

Check out the Ethan Allen what's your signature quiz.  I particularly like this one because it was quick... took me all of 30 seconds to complete.  And because it uses photos instead of questions to find your signature style.

Sona's results...
Not really surprising that my results are 'vintage' since most of my furniture consists of pieces that are picked up at various flea markets or are DIY.  I love the old barn door, the country quilt, the neutral beige tons and the blue in gray-blue walls with the white accents in the dining room.

Elizabeth's results...
Which is spot on since I would have guessed Elizabeth was a 'classic' girl, but this is even better.  "It is the essence of timeless sophistication.  A seamless composition of quintessentially classic design elements..."

So what is your design style?  Here’s that link again to take Ethan Allen's what's your signature quiz.  Give us a shout to let us know your style and whether or not you think the results were accurate.  Happy quizzing!

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