Monday, August 29, 2011

Rainy day fun

On the tail of Hurricane Irene, which luckily in our neck of the woods turned out to be no more than little bit of rain and wind, I thought it appropriate to blog about some fun things to do indoors with the kids when you are stuck inside all day. 

On a rainy day like yesterday, my vote would be the classic chocolate chip—nothing cures rainy day blues like a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies! Digging into those gooey chocolate chips is bound to turn your little one’s frown upside down (and yours for that matter too!)

Movie Reel
Set up your living room like a real movie theatre, complete with popcorn and candy.  Choose a fun classic like Annie and watch your kids fall in love with the magic just like you did as a child. 

Tea Time
Dress up in your fancy duds and put out the good china.  Cut tea sandwiches with cookie cutters—egg salad or pb&j—whatever your pleasure.  And remember, only the most posh manners allowed at teatime.

Spa Day
Set up a mini spa complete with manicure, pedicure, and facial.  Make your own mask with oatmeal, yogurt and honey.  Don’t forget to give those eyes some rest and rejuvenation with cucumber slices.  And play some soft music to set the mood.  You might all even get to catch a little snooze at the spa!

“Bored” Games
Break out the old school favorites—Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are a few of our favorites.  If you don’t have these on hand or are feeling particularly creative, try making your own game—a grandmother inspired matching game made with copies of family photos is a regular go to in our house. 

Living Room Camp Out
Pop out the tent and camping gear for an indoor camp out.  Have hot dogs for dinner and break out the s'mores around a pretend campfire.  Turn out all the lights and tell silly ghost stories.  Invite kids to each tell their own silly or scary story. 

Do you have any tried and true rainy day fun activities?  Do share.  

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