Monday, August 15, 2011

Give it a twirl...

We are grateful if you have managed to set aside the time to check out our blog each week. With Facebook, Twitter, internet shopping, emails, news and a little thing called work, we know how easy it is to get sucked in to the world wide web. I often look at the clock at the top of my screen and think "oh dear, that's one hour of my life I'll never get back!"

This week we wanted to feature a website that we think is a super way to spend three of your precious Internet minutes. The website is and it's founder, Carley Knobloch, posts a video each week to show you how to use technology to make your life easier.  Carley's videos are short, funny, informative, and are designed to save you time and money.  Sound like a paid advertisement?  It's not, it's just that we LOVE this site!

Check out this weeks video and when you have time, try the archives, my personal favorite is the Nike Personal Trainer...if only Digitwirl could magic away that last bit of baby weight (ok, so technically it's toddler weight, but you get the point).

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