Monday, October 7, 2013

October Nesting?

My office after photo - the before is unpostable

Most Mothers to be experience that point in their pregnancy where they start to "Nest". If reorganizing kitchen cupboards at 2 am is anything to go by then I certainly did! But I haven't found anything to explain the same type of stress/panic/must sort out feeling that I seem to get at this time of year. Yesterday was the breaking point for me, so rather than go for a run to get rid of the stress, my office was the long overdue target for a clear out. It's not often that I get a chunk of time like yesterday, but with a beautiful Indian summer day, the kids were thrilled to get kicked out into the backyard for some serious playtime! Three bags of rubbish and a few too many hours later, I am now blogging from the comfort of a little bit of organized, work space heaven.

Funnily enough, while I was doing this, I received an email from Home Storage Solutions with their October De-clutter Calendar and thought I must not be the only one! As we are loving the free printable charts these days, here is a copy of the "15 minutes a day challenge".  (download it for yourself here.) I thought whilst feeling inspired, I'd give it a try.

Please let us know if there are any organizational challenges you face that you want Love and Life to help you solve!

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