Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall running inspiration

Back in August, I started training for a half marathon. Then I got sick. And then stressed. Why am I putting this pressure on myself, I asked? So I quit. But then a few weeks went by and I was healthy again. On a whim I went ahead and signed up for the race. So now the race is less than a week away and I am so glad I'm training. So here are the top five reasons I run.

5. Fall: training in September and October in New England—the leaves, cool mornings and sunny afternoons—the best.

4. Time: hitting the pavement solo is the only time I really get to be alone with my thoughts these days.

3. Friends: looking forward to long run days when I meet up with a friend to run. Two hours of running flies by when you are in good company.

2. Energy: running on a regular schedule, even just three days a week, boosts my energy all day every day.

1. De-stress: even though initially I was stressed about the race, there is nothing like a good run to clear the mind.

Worry less. Run more. Enough said. 

Has anyone else out there been running? Why do you run? 

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