Monday, April 16, 2012

And the winner is...

Donna Wells - Boston, MA
"Mom, can you make me Beef Stroganoff for dinner? And not the kind you make with mushrooms and stuff. The kind out of a box"

Congratulations Donna! You were our first and favorite response. We seem to really love the ones where our children innocently insult us.

We wanted to share second and third place just for a chuckle:

"oh good mum, you're dressed up as an old lady, you be the granny and I'll be the little girl"
- Jennifer age 4

"yes Danny"
"I can't wait until I stop picking my nose"
"me too son"
- Dan age 3

We didn't get any definitive response on how to keepsake these little gems of our children's wit and intelligence, but the main way we have shared them with friends and family is Facebook. Overwhelmingly, people have said they have tons but can't think of them, so our top tip this week? Write it down! Facebook it, blog it, take a little video on your phone, but these moments we think we will never forget are quickly replaced by loads more of lovin' life ones! :)

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