Monday, April 23, 2012

50 million trees planted and just getting started!

To celebrate Earth Day this weekend, our family did a little lawn and garden clean up on Saturday. Then as the rain started to fall yesterday afternoon, we cozied up with a blanket to read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. I found this to be an especially good choice because my almost 4-year-old has become very interested in the environment recently. She has been talking a lot about pollution and what that means. This talk has led to her wanting to pick up pieces of garbage we find on the ground everywhere we go. Though I’m not always so keen on having her pick up random candy wrappers with her bare hands, especially when there are no hand washing opportunities near by, I am very proud of my little girl for making our little piece of the planet a little bit cleaner. I hope she teaches her younger sister these values with the same enthusiasm and that they both take this with them into adulthood.  

Since yesterday was Earth Day, we wanted to share a little bit about the amazing company that the folks at Love and Life Cards are inspired by on a daily basis. We have the privilege of partnering with Trees for the Future. This amazing organization began helping communities around the world plant trees in 1989 and continues this important work today. They have planted 50 million trees in 12,000 villages around the world and they're just getting started. Our relationship with Trees for the Future guarantees one tree is planted for every order we receive. That’s right, you place an order for 10 cards and a tree is planted - not too shabby!

If you have a minute, or 9 minutes rather, watch this video interview with the founder of Trees for the Future, Dave Deppner. You'll be glad you did! Every time I watch it I am a little more inspired than the last. It makes me want to move to a village in South America and start planting trees... well, that is until my husband talks me down. And maybe he is right, maybe I should concentrate on planting trees in my own backyard first. 

Thanks so much for allowing us do our part through designing fabulous cards for you!

Happy Earth Day!


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