Monday, July 4, 2011


With my eldest turning 3, we finally had the great debate...should we have a kids party for her this year or not?  Her first birthday was easy, just a few friends, family and a bit of cake.  Year 2, we escaped the party thanks to the Chickenpox.  So this year we had quite a few of her friends parties to attend and she loved them (secretly so did I)!  The party games, the blowing out of the candles and her personal favourite, the party favour bags, all replayed over and over in the car on the way home.

Then finally it happened, she plain old just came out and asked if she could have her birthday party at the local soft play.  So looks like 3 is the year!

I decided the most important thing in organizing and not stressing about a party was to be honest with my own limitations.

Limitation 1:  My handwriting is absolutely attrocious.
Solution:  Personalized invitations ordered from Love and Life Cards.

Limitation 2:  My house isn't big enough to hold 19 of her little pals.
Solution:  Venue booked.

Limitation 3:  I cobbled together this Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday last year, but it wasn't really fit for public consumption.
Solution:  Proper cake ordered.

And on the Sunday night of a birthday weekend was it worth it?

We'd love to hear about some of your party ideas and please let us know if we can help by designing some custom invitations for your celebrations!

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  1. Happy birthday, Rebecca! Can't argue with that thumbs up. I think the Mickey Mouse cake is adorable!