Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer bucket list (free printable)

With the last day of school fast approaching this Thursday, we are all looking forward to the lazy days of summer. OK, as lazy as a day can be with three children including a very busy one-year-old. I think just not having to get everyone up and out the door at a certain time each day will be refreshing. The big girls and I have been working on a summer bucket list. We're still gathering more specifics, adding ideas, and putting events on the calendar, but we are excited about what we have planned so far!

You can download our Summer Bucket List free printable here. We use a white pen like this one to write down ideas as we think of them on our chalkboard style bucket list. 

What do you plan to do with your kids this summer? Do you like to keep a tight schedule? Do you send the kids to camp? Or are you thinking, enough planning lady, just wing it. We'd love to hear how you plan to survive enjoy summer with your kids! 

On a side note, we have decided to try all three girls sleeping in the same room for the summer (another story for another day). This means moving all toys out of the big girl's bedroom and turning what was the nursery into a little play room. So after the girls went to bed last night I added the last thing to the list "organize the play room" which really means decorate and organize. In my mind, what could be more fun? So this morning when I went through the list over breakfast with the girls I got a rousing cheer after I read each entry. That is, until I got to my final add on "organize the play room." This was met with a loud chorus of "UGGHH." Hmm... maybe (hopefully) these girls have not inherited my crazy organizing gene. 

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