Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday partying again

Holy cow, how did I get a six year old? Our big girl turned six this past week and true to form, she had a very specific idea about what she wanted for her birthday party. Last year she wanted a Mermaid Party so we created this invitation together. The year before that when she turned four we all had a blast with this Wizard of Oz party. This year she wanted her very own American Girl Doll party. As much as I am all about the parties, I did try to convince my almost-six-year-old lady that maybe this was the year we move away from the big bash and suggested she invite a few close friends to come to the American Girl Doll store with us instead. She was having none of that silly suggestion. So, ahead with the doll party plans we went and came up with this little invitation. 

The weather forecast was for a washout on Saturday, but luckily the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful afternoon. The party was fairly low-key if you can call it that with 17 little girls running around the yard. We made these bracelets for girls and dolls alike.

Other highlights from the day include:

mini snacks and pink lemonade,

a game of musical chairs with dolls in hand,

and a splurge on a delicious cake from a local bakery!

And here is one last shot of the birthday girl with her girls!

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