Monday, March 3, 2014

The longest shortest month

Heart garland for Valentine's Day

Queen of the igloo mountain

Soaking up some crisp country air

Birthday cake baking

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February always seems to drag on in New England. Last month was no exception with a February full of illness, losing my grandmother, unexpected travel, snow, snow, and then some more snow. Despite the many hurdles, I did manage to have quite a few good times and make it through the longest shortest month with a smile on my face. 

Top of my good list for February includes: valentine's day crafts with my girls, quality time with my mom and sisters, road trip to my husband's parents where we dug an igloo and breathed in some fresh country air, birthday lunch with the birthday boy at one of our favorite Boston spots, birthday cake baking with the sweetest little helpers, and running a (short) leg of the Hyannis marathon with my youngest sister (who ran the whole 26.2!). 

Listing the good and looking back at some photos sure makes me appreciate the little things and reminds me to enjoy every moment I have with these people of mine!

See you next year February... we're moving on to Spring! 

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