Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter bunny garland: craft time

I have had these adorable hearts hanging in my entryway for two months now. 

My three year old has been telling me that Valentine's Day is over for a while, but I just couldn't bear to take them down. So... this weekend, we decided to get crafty and create a new springtime garland to replace those sweet hearts. It was a super easy and fun project to do together so here is the how to below.

Here's what you need:
• card stock paper
• paint
• large cotton balls
• baker's twine
• scissors 
• hole punch
• pencil

1. Trace and cut out your bunny shape

2. Trace 5-10 bunnies on card stock paper and cut them out

3. Have your little one paint the bunnies

4. Once bunnies have dried glue on cotton balls for tails

5. Punch a hole in each bunny ear

6. Thread the baker's twine through the holes

7. Hang anywhere you want to spread some Spring cheer

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