Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

This will be my 13th Fourth of July being an American living abroad.  More importantly, it is also my daughter's 5th birthday!  It is really frightening to me how fast the time is flying, and also how bad my memory is getting!  Her school has been learning about America this term which means instead of Hello Kitty and Princesses, she wants a "proper American BBQ" party.   Whilst planning said 5 year olds birthday party, I've found I can't remember much of what I did as a kid or what's American and what's British so I have 4 days to get it together!

1)  Love and Life Cards Custom invitations:

2)  Food:  Corn on the Cob, Speidie's  (if you are from Upstate New York they are a must and the kids are sure to eat them), Fruit skewers, Veggie Tray w/Ranch Dip, and a real bakery birthday cake from Costco.
3)  Party Games:  Three Legged Race, Balloon Relay, Limbo, and Egg and Spoon with medals for prizes to show the true meaning of American fun - competition!
4)  Activities:  Cupcake decorating, flag making, and a lemonade and popcorn stand (if I can find the right popcorn buckets)
5)  Party Bags:  Thanks to Claire for doing the party bags and to my Sister in Law Mary for bringing the most important ingredients - Candy!  MandM's and Smarties will be a nice treat as we can't get them over here.

What are your plans for the 4th?  Any traditions you could pass on to make our own celebrations complete?  Wishing you all a wonderful Independence Day from Love and Life Cards...


  1. Watermelon, feta, mint, toasted pine nut salad...chilled and delicious.

    And, happy birthday, Rebecca!