Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you love a list?

My name is Elizabeth, and I'm a "listaholic"...anyone else ever feel like that?  I got the impression I needed an intervention when my 2 year old asked me for a pen and paper so he could make a list.

I have one for personal stuff, one for work stuff, one for house stuff, a birthday list, and of course there is always a grocery list.  Short term, long term, and the immediate term that I wish I'd done yesterday. Now that school has started, I'm feeling even more need to write everything down before it has gone in one ear and out the other.

I like "Reminders" on the iPhone and use these a lot for things that come into my head when I'm out and about or messages I get at the school gates that I will have forgotten once I get home to my beloved pen and paper. One of the best things about these reminders is you can set a time and due date and it will ping you a reminder on your iPhone.

As for the shopping list, I really like the ShopShop - Shopping list app. You just enter the item you want to add:

This is how the list looks on your phone and you can cross them off as you walk through the aisles:

And the best feature you ask? (Beside it being free) With a push of a button, you can text the list to someone else to pick up the groceries on their way home:

I am blaming my insanity on a course I took that taught if you make a list at the end of every day, even if it takes 15 minutes to write out and prioritize, it will save you an hour the next day.

So that's me, queen of the list. Now, if I could only improve a bit on getting those things crossed off!

What about you? Any hot tips on cool apps? Can you magically turn me into a list "do-er" rather than just a really good list maker?

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