Monday, August 27, 2012

Chinese gender prediction... true or false?

To follow up on our post a few weeks ago To Find Out or Not to Find Out, we thought we'd share a method of gender prediction that may not be oh so scientific, but that many people swear by. A friend shared the Chinese Lunar Calendar (pictured below) from The Labor of Love with me years ago. I thought it was interesting at the time, but in all honesty, I didn't give too much credit to the chart's accuracy. 

To find your child's gender prediction, first find the mother's age at conception (across the top of the table) and then the month of conception. Follow the column and row to the intersecting point and voila—the color of the box tells you what the prediction is. Blue=Boy and Pink=Girl. Seems simple enough, right? The tricky bit is that you have to first figure out the mother's lunar age. And then you have to use the lunar calendar months which is different than the western calendar we follow today. Possibly more trouble than it's worth depending on how much weight you put into the accuracy of the chart. 

Recently, I found the below version of the calendar on Chinese Gender Chart that does the conversion for you. Pretty fun, I think, and makes trying to figure out the correct chinese age and lunar calendar months a breeze! 

I checked for my first two children and the calendar tells me girl for each, which is correct in both cases. The calendar is predicting boy this time around, but I'm not so sure. We opted not to find out the gender at our 18 week ultrasound, so we'll see in another 20 weeks or so!

Check it out for your kids and let us know how accurate you found the chart to be!  


  1. It's true over 50% of the times. In any case, the ratio of boy to girl by statistics is 105 : 100.

  2. Baby gender by picture of parents