Monday, January 9, 2012

Our DIY play kitchen

We decided to DIY a play kitchen for our girls for Christmas this year. We figured it was only fair after spending 4 months on our own kitchen that the girls get to have their own new kitchen too! I started looking for small cabinets or night stands at local flea markets back in October, but wasn't really having luck finding just the right thing. So when a mom friend of mine offered up this little end table she had and wasn't using, I decided it might be just right!

I instantly loved the shape of the little table and the drawer. And though small, the size was perfect for the space we have. The only problem was that I really wanted a little backsplash and a place for the girls to store all the cookware and dishes that go with a kitchen.

Lucky for me, I have friends with vision and a husband that is a little bit handy. After a few more hours than we expected of "elfing" in the basement on weekends, the project was done and here is the adorable play kitchen that we built!

The kids love the chalkboard paint and the little light switch on the other side too.

A view of the top...

And as much as I think the new kitchen is absolutely adorable, one of the best things about it is the cost. Here is a breakdown.

Table: free (thanks, Jen!)
Wood to enclose table and add shelf: free (scrap wood leftover from various home improvement projects)
Backsplash: free (leftover from kitchen remodel)
Bowl for Sink: free 
Copper Faucet: free (leftover from bathroom project last year)
Hot/Cold Knobs: free (from old kitchen sink)
Stove Dials: free (from an old stove)
Temperature gage: free (found in basement)
Burners: free (scrap wood cut in rounds and painted black)
Hook: free (leftover from kitchen renovation)
Light Switch: free (basement find)
Paint: free (had both the blue and the chalkboard paint - blue is Benjamin Moore Beach Glass)
Gingham Curtain: free (thanks, Mom!)

So... though we did pay for some of these things at an earlier point, we didn't actually buy any of them for this project and many of the pieces were either given to us or just found around our home!  

And most importantly, the kitchen was a definite success. In fact, here is our youngest cooking away on Christmas morning!


  1. If I was half this creative I'd be a happy girl! Amazing!

  2. How did you attach the faucet and hot/cold knobs?

    1. Hi este, below is the response from my husband who did the majority of the work for this project. Thanks for reading!

      The hot/cold knobs are glued to oversized washers with a bolt on the inside threaded through the table and loosely connected on the under side with a washer and nut so they can still spin. The copper faucet pipe is superglued together with standard 90 degree pipe fittings and has a threaded fitting on the base that screws loosely into a steel pipe flange allowing it to turn. The flange is screwed to the table top.