Monday, June 13, 2011

Displaying your child's art

Every child is an artist. –Pablo Picasso

We wrote last week about our Mini Monet line where we use a scan of your child’s artwork, and create a thank you card or personalized stationery.  Now let’s talk about ways to display your child’s beautiful works of art every day. 

My personal favorite is the clothesline art display.  Cute, easy, inexpensive.  I love the schoolhouse look of it and the ease in which you can swap pieces as your child grows.  At our house we use a piece of twine and mini clothespins found at any craft store.  These look cute in a kitchen, a wide doorway or entryway, or a child’s very own room.  A wire mounted to a wall can give a similar, yet more sturdy, clothesline art display.    
Another great way to display child’s artwork and really make your child feel like their work is a piece of art is to frame it.  This can be done with any frame as long as it is easy to take off the back and rotate artwork.  I recently saw this frame at Target that makes it even one step easier.  The frame hinges open in order to change the picture on display.  You wouldn’t even have to take this frame off the wall to add new artwork and it comes with a handy little storage compartment for additional art.

And of course, check out our constantly growing Mini Monet cards and prints to turn your child’s work of art into a fun way to say thank you or write little notes to share with friends and family. 

Happy displaying!


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