Monday, December 30, 2013

Ring in the new year

Whether you plan to party it up until three am like this 1950s couple or have a quiet night in, we hope you have a wonderful night with family, friends, and maybe a little bubbly! 

We wanted to share just a few of our own New Year's resolutions this year.

Elizabeth says:

1. Organize, print, and put in albums our photos. 

2. Streamline the music situation in our house, we have iphones/ipods and use spotify so need to tie them all together.

3. Get hiking – both kids have big enough legs that we want to get out and take advantage of all the coast, country and castles that Northumberland has.

Sona says:

1. Get back to cloth diapers. With our first child we cloth diapered 80 percent of the time. With our second, it dropped to more like 50 percent. With this baby, we've maybe done 20 percent cloth. This year I'd like to get back up there to the 80 percent mark. I mean, we have all this cloth... might as well use it!

2. Take my vitamins. I'm so good about making sure my kids take their vitamins, but I take mine about once a week or bi-weekly. 

3. I was supposed to have more??  Elizabeth's list has made me feel like a slacker. I better re-evaluate my list! The photo organizing one is good... and the music organizing... and the hiking... 

What are your New Year's resolutions this year? Do you have the same resolutions every year or do switch it up? 

And hey, if your New Year's resolution is to have your holiday cards out earlier, you still have time to order up a fun New Year's card like this one or customize any of our photo cards to make that perfect New Year's card to ring in 2014.

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