Monday, November 18, 2013

One card, three (or four) ways

Have you ever looked at a holiday card designs and thought, "I like that design, but wish I could have it in a different color," or "I wish I could just change the format to fit my photo."  Well, you can! Our Love and Life Cards designers are happy to make any changes to our designs to make sure that your card is the perfect card to reflect your family this holiday season.

This option is where we began with last year's card for one absolutely gorgeous family.

Then we tried something a little different because of the orientation of the original photo. We ended up with this. Nice... but maybe too busy for this particular photo.

Getting closer this time around, but still not quite there.

And one little tweak and we have a winner!

When you place your order, your online preview is just that, a preview. We send and electronic proof via email of every order before sending it to the printer. So go ahead and place your order with confidence. Specify any changes you'd like to make in the comment section and you will receive an email from one of our designers who will work with you to make sure that your card is just right.

Happy card making! 

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