Monday, October 17, 2011

Teni and Chase's Rustic and Lovely Wedding

Last month we shared some details from my sister Teni's wedding shower weekend including maple leaf cookie cutters with recipe card favors. I am so excited to reveal the couple's beautiful stationery and personalized wedding held at the bride's family home last weekend! T&C were both equally involved in all of the invitation and stationery design. Teni knew she wanted shades of orange and chocolate with a fall theme. The groom was dedicated to the process and actually sketched a maple leaf design for the invitation, as well as had the idea of the acorn around the couple's initials on the reverse of the invitation. Here is a picture of the whole stationery suite. 
I particularly love the retro photo booth style of the save the date cards.
And the whimsical, yet classic invitations and RSVP cards. The RSVP cards are postcards which is a great way to save money and paper, as well as let guests know that your event will be casual and fun. 
The couple have many amazingly talented friends who helped make this wedding very special and personal. These paper flowers were made by a close friend and were just gorgeous.

Another friend commissioned these super cool personalized wine labels. This is just one of the four designs—one for each type of wine offered.
And I just cannot resist sharing a photo of the happy couple, Teni and Chase.
Beautiful photo of T&C courtesy of Nancy Hinckley.
Pretty cute right? The wedding weekend was SO much fun and I am so sad that it's over. Good thing we're still working on thank you notes so it isn't completely over for me. I can't wait to see more photos of the big day and hopefully I'll be able to share a few!   


  1. Loved the wedding and loved all the work you did for it! What a wonderful day!!!

  2. Oh what a beautiful weekend with so man personal and intimate touches.... I loved that day and I love all of yoU!

  3. So sad to miss it - but it looked absolutely perfect, and so did Teni:)